The Black Blade, Delos Digital edition

New revised edition of the first volume of the Cycle of the Black Blade, published by Delos Digital and available in Kindle and ePub formats.

The Black Blade

Series: Odyssey Digital Fantasy, Issue: #8, Publisher: Delos Digital, ISBN: 978-88-653-0698-7, Pages: 612, Cover illustrator: Michela Cacciatore.

Back cover

It’s been six years since the Alliance has deposed the Usurper, thereby ending the bloodiest war that the Four Kingdoms have ever seen. The pace is slow on the farm where the little Agi lives with her parents, until one evening someone knocks on the door…

Thus began an extraordinary adventure that will bring the young Aggart to become first a hitman of the Assassins Guild, then to try to thwart the dark plots of Dagg Elath, the Lord of Shadows. Together with Ona Ettài, a taciturn but sensitive magician, and his bodyguard Messala, a grumpy and a bit wild Amazon, Aggart go to search the Black Blade, within which perhaps is hidden the secret to defeat the Dark Lord.

A novel, full of tension and twists, whose scenario is a world in which violence and love, desire for revenge and generosity, mingle; a world where magic permeates everything but at the same time is always, in some way, in the background, leaving the human beings the only and true authors of their destiny.


My name is Aggart, but my friends call me Agi. My father was Rupert, said “Mallet of Steel”, one of the best Masters Armourer of the Northern Kingdom, but he always said he was just a good blacksmith, and it was really good, my father. — See son — he said to me, when I was not higher than the rowan that my mother had planted at my birth behind the house, — if you are always conscious of who you are and especially who you are not, no praise will be able to boast arrogance and pride in you, as well as no malignancy will hurt your soul.

— Be always who you are — he told me, and when I asked him — Father, but who am I? —, he answered — You will have to find out for yourself who you are. I can only tell you who you won’t be: you will not be the titles you bring or that you will be awarded; you will not be what others want or pretend that you are; you will not be what you covet to be, but you’re not. — Only later I understood his words and what wisdom there was in them.

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