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Newspapers are full of reviews of books, films and products, but they frequently speak of the same titles and brands. This column tries to gives voice also to less known but extremely interesting items.

The Passage to Ywerddon

Well, eventually it's out. Originally written at the request of Armenia publisher, who then decided not to venture into fantasy literature for young people, the first novel of the Source of the Worlds saga, whose title is «The Passage to Ywerddon» will be officially published by the cultural association «I Doni delle Muse& [...]

As you should not make offers

⇆ Ieri ho ricevuto il seguente messaggio di posta elettronica dal Programma Millemiglia dell'Alitalia: Gentile DARIO DE JUDICIBUS, in occasione dell'elezione del nuovo Papa, il Programma MilleMiglia ti offre un'opportunità davvero imperdibile per trascorrere un soggiorno a Roma e festeggiare questo evento unico. [...]

Star Wars Pit Droids for iPad

I do not use my computers and tablets to play games usually, but there is a game for iPad that I truly desire review because it is really cool. Its name is Pit Droids® and was developed by LucasArts, a Lucasfilm company. Pit Droids is a Star Wars-themed arcade puzzle game and I had the opportunity to install it by free on May 201 [...]

iPad: not such a friendly k...

It is almost two years that I use both an iPad and an iPhone and I think I can say, with a minimum knowledge of the facts, what is truly usable and what is not in these two devices. Today I want to focus on a particular aspect, that is, the virtual keyboard. As you may know, these devices have an on-screen virtual keyboard. In fact, you can [...]

Apocalypse Island: an Histo...

Last week I saw in television one of the worst documentaries that I happened to watch in recent years. The gist of the story is that, on a remote island off the Chilean coast, there is a mysterious Mayan monument that could provide the key to understanding the supposed prophecy of the end of the world on December 21st, 2012. The protagonist [...]

Harry Potter and the Deathl...

Wednesday I went to see, along with my daughter, the second part of the film «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows». From a cinematographic point of view I have no concerns: it is a good movie, well built, with decent special effects and good picture. What disappointed me a little bit, however, was the comparison with the [...]

Michel Moreau

Typically, when traveling on business, I have very little chance of seeing something, even when I go abroad. In the evening I put away papers used during the day, I prepare papers for the next day or I am simply so tired that I go to bed early. Sometimes, however, I happen to have some spare minute and I go to the restaurant for dinner, so [...]

The heart in the palace

⇆ Venerdì sera, tornando da una lunga giornata di lavoro, ho trovato ad aspettarmi un pacchetto piuttosto sottile. Ero talmente stanco che l'ho aperto d'istinto gettando solo una rapida occhiata alla busta... Provincia di Roma. Oh, bella, mi sono detto... e perché mai qualcuno dalla Provincia di Roma dovrebbe mandarmi un pacch [...]

Review of Corel PaintShop P...

One of the applications that I absolutly use the most is Paint Shop Pro — PSP, for friends — a product for graphics and digital image processing. I have a license as far back as 1996, when it was still a shareware product, that is, from version 4.00, which I continued to update even when it became a commercial product with the a [...]

La difficile arte di vendere

In molte aziende italiane, quello del commerciale è considerato un mestiere di ripiego, ovvero, se non sei un tecnico, un esperto, un ragioniere, un amministratore, un manager, un consulente, uno sviluppatore, un architetto... insomma, se non sei uno che ha qualche titolo sulle spalle e una specializzazione ben definita, cosa potrai mai f [...]

Is the iPad virtual keyboar...

The new child of Steve Jobs was born: the iPad. Too early to say if it will be really a success. The major question is: what is it for that I cannot do by using an iPhone, an iPod, or an iBook? Not a trivial question. The convergence between smartphones and laptops is creating more and more phones that are really microcomputers, and netbooks [...]

Facebook, not yet an intern...

Facebook is probably one of the most popular social networks. Like many other web tools (Google, YouTube, eBay, and so forth) it was developed in USA and, like many other web tools, it quickly became popular worldwide. Nowadays Facebook is used everywhere in the world and people use it to communicate and share contents in mostly any language [...]

MSN Games: more transparenc...

The web should be a place of freedom, but also a place of transparency, sharing, and ethicality; a place where even advertising should be clear and absolutely not misleading. It is not. Just an example? MSN Games site. Today I went to that site to purchase a game I like, Hexic. As you can see below, in the snapshot, it seems that the game is [...]

Tube Explorer

"L'Indipendente" Rating  Installation  Interface  Usefulness Videos are probably one of the most interesting resources in the web nowadays. If you are looking for a specific video you may want to go to YouTube or Google Video, but there are a lot of other places where videos are available in Internet. You can u [...]

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