Star Wars Pit Droids for iPad

I do not use my computers and tablets to play games usually, but there is a game for iPad that I truly desire review because it is really cool. Its name is Pit Droids® and was developed by LucasArts, a Lucasfilm company.

Pit Droids is a Star Wars-themed arcade puzzle game and I had the opportunity to install it by free on May 2012 because of a special promotion. Do you remember the droids from the pod racing scenes in the Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace? Well, the objective of the game is to help the Toydarian junk dealer Watto guide hordes of mindless little robots towards the holes that would transport them to the pod race arena.

Droids are painted in four different colors — red, blue, green, and yellow — and they move on an isometric grid made of squares or hexagons. The pit droids are catapulted on the stage and walk forward aimlessly until they run into an obstacle. You can use several kind of arrows to guide them: white arrows give directions for any droid, whereas the colored ones guide only the droids with the same color. However you only have a certain number of arrows to work with. It is not necessary to use all of them, anyway. In fact, you usually have more than one solution but only one give you a three-star score. By the way, in each level you can get a score from one to three stars.

Of course there are a lot of obstacles and mechanisms that may prevent the droids to reach their goal. For example, there are barriers that lower only if crossed by a droid of the same color, others that lower only if crossed by droids of different colors, fans that blow away the robots from the grid, and unmodifiable arrows that deviate them from the desired path, just to mention fews. Walls, buildings, and other fixed obstacles can be temporarily removed from sight to see any mechanisms behind them, but in any case the robots cannot cross the cells where they were placed.

There are five level packs in this game, currently: Transport Ship, Watto’s Shop, Hutt Flats, Mos Espa, and Watto’s Junkyard. At the beginning, only the first pack is unlocked; the others will be unlocked only if you got enough stars in the previous levels.

The droids animations are simple but very well done, and the graphics is superb. Each level is different and contains new elements. Certainly you won’t be bored playing Pit Droids. In fact, the result is a funny but fairly complex and challenging puzzle game.

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