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Although each of us is literally surrounded by a variety of technologies, yet very few understand the scientific thought and method. The purpose of this column is to reduce this gap.

[SOLVED] Problems with WPF ...

If you have an application based on WPF UI framework and you run it on a DELL desktop or laptop (e.g. Dell G5 15) with the AlienWare Command Center, you may experiment serious problems with WPF apps rendering. The critical file is the NahimicOSD.dll which is injected into any process and adds some post rendering to the UI which breaks all W [...]

Thought (61)

Intelligence is an engine powered by the fuel of knowledge: without it, it is useless. Dario de Judicibus, Rome, February 19th, 2018 Translations L’intelligenza è un motore alimentato dal combustibile della conoscenza: senza di essa è inutile. La inteligencia es un motor impulsado por el combustible del conocimient [...]

How to fix error 5,202,54 f...

Often, when you try to scan a document from Windows by using a Canon scanner, you run into the error 5,202,54. In some cases it is enough to shut down the scanner and restart it to solve the problem; sometimes you need to restart the computer, often a significant waste of time. There is a faster and more effective solution that I have [...]

Italian Air Force, UCAVs an...

⇆ Aeronautica Militare, UCAV e aerei di 6ª generazionedi Gherardo Albano Situazione attuale, vita utile e minacce future Eurofighter Typhoon F2 L’Aeronautica Militare attualmente ha in linea due tipologie di aeroplani da combattimento di punta, il Typhoon e l’F-35. Il Typhoon è entrato in linea negli ultimi 15 anni [...]

How to add space before a h...

In many novels, the chapter heading does not start at the top of page, but below, in the middle of the first half of page, as in the following example: To do that in Word, you have to create a style that has the following characteristics: centered paragraph, page break before, some space before. For instance: Font: 18 pt, [...]

Homo Cyberneticus

Which one of you read the story of Bruce Bethke «Cyberpunk»? Although it was not the first of its kind, that story has given rise to a new sub-genre in the field of fantastic fiction that took its name from that publication. Perhaps one of the most famous exponents of the genre is William Ford Gibson, author of several sho [...]

How to import and export th...

Have you ever had to import into Excel or another Microsoft program such as Outlook a CSV file (comma separated value) that uses a separator other than the one used by your operating system? For example, in the United States CSV files are based on comma (,) while in many European countries they are based on semicolon (;). To manu [...]

Google Languages

Who never used Google Maps or Street View raise his/her hand! OK, maybe someone is there, but there is no doubt that both applications are valuable projects, whose usefulness has changed the way in which we use to think the web. There are many projects of this kind in Internet now. Some have been more successful than others but everyo [...]

A world of bacteria

I warn you as of now: if you are rupophobic, that is, if you have an obsession with cleanliness and hygiene, do not read this article. I take no responsibility if you do. If yours is not a phobia but you are anyway an avid consumer of antibacterial or antimicrobial products and prefer to buy soaps and detergents when they have these charact [...]

The F-35 issue: food for th...

The F-35 Issue: Food for Thoughtby Gherardo Albano These days there's a big discussion on whether Italy should buy 90 Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIs. The aim of this article is to analyze the overall picture within which such an important decision should be taken. In particular, there are two separate fields of analysis, one pure [...]

In which language I am look...

One of the major problems of many big brands of the web is that, even if they have a global approach, they remain fundamentally American, that is, they have a mono-cultural perspective. Someone might argue that if there is a country of a thousand cultures, these are precisely the United States of America, but in fact the inclusion of many d [...]

Nothing for posterity

We live the age of information and multimedia content. Nowadays more than 2 billion people are connected to the web and produce every day a billion terabytes of data, which is more or less 90% of those that have been produced in the last two years, although many data are in fact redundant or duplicate. An explosive exponential progression, [...]

Happy ending

There are choices in life that are unjust, that is, that force you to choose between two evils. In practice, however you choose, you will hurt someone. Do you think you are able to bear that load? Because being mature means just that: not so much making the right choice at all, but the necessary one. If you think so, read the following [...]

Brain myths

⇆ Il cervello umano adulto: un chilo e mezzo circa di una massa gelatinosa che occupa più o meno un volume di 1.200 centimetri cubi, caratterizzato da oltre 160.000 chilometri di connessioni sotto forma di assoni mielinizzati. Probabilmente l'organo più importante del nostro corpo, anche se ovviamente sono diversi gli organi di cui [...]

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