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Although each of us is literally surrounded by a variety of technologies, yet very few understand the scientific thought and method. The purpose of this column is to reduce this gap.

The Drawn Democracy

Did you know that one of the main mechanisms that characterized for centuries democracy in Athens was based on drawing? For example, the 6,000 members of the Ήλιαία, that is the people's court, were drawn, as were the 500 members of the βουλή, that is, the re [...]

Rome 2.0

Rome is a beautiful city, it has a mild climate and is a veritable open-air museum, not to mention the large amount of parks and green it possess. But to live here is not easy because there are many things that do not work, first of all the public transportation. To have a mayor who cares really our city, rather than his interests and [...]

Digital ashes

A couple of years ago, the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt said in a conference in California that every two days we create as much data as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003, something like five exabytes of data [Techonomy]. For the record, one exabyte is ten to the eighteenth bytes, or a trillion bytes. Someone al [...]

A book is forever

It seems now to be an established fact that sooner or later the digital publishing will replace the paper. The advantages are many, both for publishers and authors, but what about readers? Well, lower prices, the possibility of carrying around a whole library in a tablet as big as a paperback... you would say «yes, for them too» even if in [...]

The Definition of Intelligence

The Definition of IntelligenceDr. Dario de JudicibusKnowledge Management Consultant ABSTRACT Intelligence has been defined in many different ways, but an operational definition that would form the foundations of a measurement that is totally objective, applicable to any individual regardless of context, and not influenced by the metho [...]

The Google Desktop Theory

Last September the Google Desktop Team published the following announcement on their blog: Google Desktop Update Friday, September 02, 2011 12:48 PM In 2004, Google launched Google Desktop, a program designed to make it easy for users to search their own PCs for emails, files, music, photos, Web pages and more. Deskt [...]

Star Wars Pit Droids for iPad

I do not use my computers and tablets to play games usually, but there is a game for iPad that I truly desire review because it is really cool. Its name is Pit Droids® and was developed by LucasArts, a Lucasfilm company. Pit Droids is a Star Wars-themed arcade puzzle game and I had the opportunity to install it by free on May 201 [...]

The origin of life

Often I hear people ask: how is it possible that to a certain point a combination of organic and inorganic molecules has developed life? How cannot all this be attributed to the intervention of some superior entity, a creator god? In fact when we look at a cat and a piece of rock, it is quite difficult to imagine how in the end they a [...]

Fortune and misfortune

⇆ Quante volte vi sarà capitato di dire «Ma che sfortuna!» oppure «Guarda che fortuna, quello lì!». Per molti la fortuna e la sfortuna non esistono, sono solo interpretazioni soggettive di qualcosa che può essere perfettamente spiegato con la statistica; per altri, invece, è una realtà inconfutabile i cui segreti sono oggetto [...]

Italianate megastructures

⇆ All'EUR, a Roma, stanno costruendo due grattacieli. Ci passo davanti quasi ogni giorno e devo dire che più li guardo e meno mi piacciono. Ovviamente è un'opinione strettamente personale ma, se facciamo il confronto con quelli che vengono costruiti in molti Paesi sia industrializzati che emergenti, direi che non ne usciamo poi così [...]

[HOW TO] Move the iTunes ap...

iTunes is probably not the most friendly and usable application by Apple. For example, in Windows, even if you install iTunes on a specific disk or partition but C disk, data will be stored in My Documents\My Music\iTunes\, that is, in the C disk. If you installed iTunes with username account, the physical path will be C:\Documents an [...]

Social Networks: the Next G...

One of the charges most frequently made to social networks is that they are “things for losers”, that is, they are intended for people who seek in the web the illusion to have many friends, being unable to have them in the real world. Most of those who have a Facebook or Twitter account, actually has friends and acquaintan [...]

iPad: not such a friendly k...

It is almost two years that I use both an iPad and an iPhone and I think I can say, with a minimum knowledge of the facts, what is truly usable and what is not in these two devices. Today I want to focus on a particular aspect, that is, the virtual keyboard. As you may know, these devices have an on-screen virtual keyboard. In fact, you can [...]

[HOW TO] Change the user ID...

Let us suppose that you have a blog based on Wordpress and that you are also the administrator of that blog, of course. In such a case you should have at least an Admin account whose user ID value is generally set to 1. However, you may want to have also an Author account, different from the previous one, used to write posts and reply to el [...]

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