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Painting, sculpture, music, theater, cinema, ballet and many other forms of artistic expression, with the exception of the literature of which we speak elsewhere. A column dedicated to creativity.

Through the Barricades

There is a song by Spandau Ballet that I really love: «Through the Barricades». It is the story of a young man and a young woman who love each other. They live in Northern Ireland during the period of the armed conflict in the Seventies and Eighties, and while one is a Protestant, the other is a Catholic. The story is noth [...]

Antigone: the primacy of co...

Οὐ γάρ τί μοι Ζεὺς ἦν ὁ κηρύξας τάδε, οὐδ' ἡ ξύνοικος [...]

Walking through the streets...

On Sunday, taking advantage of a glorious day and since I still had to go out to vote, I went with my life's companion for a walk on the seafront in Ostia. On the pier in front of the central Ravennati Square there was a quite old busker, I think of Greek origin. He had a guitar and a speaker, an open case at his feet, in which curiou [...]

Star Wars Pit Droids for iPad

I do not use my computers and tablets to play games usually, but there is a game for iPad that I truly desire review because it is really cool. Its name is Pit Droids® and was developed by LucasArts, a Lucasfilm company. Pit Droids is a Star Wars-themed arcade puzzle game and I had the opportunity to install it by free on May 201 [...]

A Perfect Murder

⇆ «Delitto perfetto» di Dario de Judicibus 3ª edizione, 2012, "Si tratta di un delitto." Quando Albert aveva aperto la porta della piccola mansarda nella quale abitava e che spuntava, come un'isoletta del Pacifico, in mezzo a un mare di tetti di cotto e di altane piastrellate, non si aspett [...]

C’è un limite a tutto...

È notizia di pochi giorni fa la decisione da parte della SIAE di chiedere i diritti d'autore anche per tutti i trailer cinematografici che vengono pubblicati in rete. Oggi leggo sull'Espresso una notizia ancora più sconcertante, ovvero che un funzionario della SIAE di Martina Franca ha multato con 205 euro 14 bambini di Chernobyl per vio [...]

Placebo Effect in Advertising

You probably all know what the placebo effect is. From a scientific point of view, it is a series of positive reactions against a therapy which does not derive so much from its active ingredients but from the patient's expectations about it. In practice, if a patient believes that a certain therapy is working, he will psychologically [...]

Apocalypse Island: an Histo...

Last week I saw in television one of the worst documentaries that I happened to watch in recent years. The gist of the story is that, on a remote island off the Chilean coast, there is a mysterious Mayan monument that could provide the key to understanding the supposed prophecy of the end of the world on December 21st, 2012. The protagonist [...]

Harry Potter and the Deathl...

Wednesday I went to see, along with my daughter, the second part of the film «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows». From a cinematographic point of view I have no concerns: it is a good movie, well built, with decent special effects and good picture. What disappointed me a little bit, however, was the comparison with the [...]

The lost digital

⇆ Ormai quasi il 50% delle regioni italiane è passato al digitale terrestre. La città in cui abito, ovvero Roma, è stata una delle prime città a spegnere definitivamente il segnale analogico nell'ormai lontano 2009, per cui sono già quasi due anni che nella Capitale i romani utilizzano gli appositi decoder o i nuovi televisori [...]

Michel Moreau

Typically, when traveling on business, I have very little chance of seeing something, even when I go abroad. In the evening I put away papers used during the day, I prepare papers for the next day or I am simply so tired that I go to bed early. Sometimes, however, I happen to have some spare minute and I go to the restaurant for dinner, so [...]

Less hypocrisy, please

⇆ Ieri sera è andata in onda, durante il Tg24 di SKY, un'intervista all'attrice Isabella Ferrari, uno dei tanti VIP che sostengono la manifestazione del 13 febbraio in difesa della dignità della donna. A un certo punto la giornalista le ha chiesto se non ritenesse che anche molte donne avessero una pesante responsabilità in qu [...]

I hate Heineken commercials

I really hate Heineken commercials. You may think they are funny, but the real message is that to be a man you must be an absolutely dummy idiot who does consider a football match on TV more important that his girlfriend or who has no other usage for a washing machine than to recycle it as a big ice bucket. Stereotypes on both men and wom [...]

Art 2.0

Can a work of art be the product of collective creativity? We are used to think to the artist as a very peculiar individual, mostly self-centered, out of schemes, sometimes introverted and asocial, often capricious and extravagant, not really inclined to teamwork and collaboration. However creativity is a human characteristic, that is, [...]

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