The Passage to Ywerddon

Well, eventually it’s out. Originally written at the request of Armenia publisher, who then decided not to venture into fantasy literature for young people, the first novel of the Source of the Worlds saga, whose title is «The Passage to Ywerddon» will be officially published by the cultural association «I Doni delle Muse» on October 10th.

The Passage to Ywerddon

Publisher I Doni Delle Muse, ISBN: 978-88-9096-568-5, 368 pages, cover price € 14,00, Italian language

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A mysterious map, found in an old book, will mark the beginning of an adventure for four teen-agers in an extraordinary world. But the fairy kingdom of Ywerddon hides mortal pitfalls: ancient creatures, hostile to the human race, are preparing for war. Perhaps only our heroes will be able to restore peace in a world torn by conflict. Will they be able to face a challenge that is too great for them and to return home?


« Make way! Hey, make way!».
The wheels of the skateboard scraped the concrete of the pavement with a dull sound, broken occasionally by a rap each time the girl ollied to overstep its edge and fall with the nose on the asphalt of the road.
«Come on, couch potatoes! Make way or I knock you down!».
A blonde girl with pigtails and a blue dress who looked too young for her age, barely had time to pull away when Rebecca passed her brushing against her shoulder, and then jumping to the intersection leading to the Guerini institute, distant now no more than two or three hundred yards.
Far below, hobbling like a bear trying to reach a honeycomb placed on top of a tree, Alessandro was sweating and puffing, pushing hard on the pedals, trying to go through that last stretch of the climb that would take him in front of the school gate before his muscles and lungs decide to strike.
A guy named Murphy had once said that if something could go wrong surely would. No wonder then if Rebecca and Alexander arrived at the school at about the same time, despite the considerable diversity and speed of vehicles. This allowed the former to show off a perfect axle stall right on the edge of the wheelchair ramp leading to the main entrance of the school, the latter to perform in a skit good for up to a show of clowns in a “third category” circus. After a couple of zig and zag decided in a desperate attempt to avoid the girl coming down at full speed toward him, Alexander ended up in the middle of the flower of petunias that was the pride of the head teacher and the damnation of the janitor of the institute.

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