The Lord of Shadows, Delos Digital edition

First edition of the third volume of the Cycle of the Black Blade, published by Delos Digital and available in Kindle and ePub formats.

The Lord of Shadows

Series: Odyssey Digital Fantasy, Issue: #12, Publisher: Delos Digital, ISBN: 978-88-254-0662-7, Pages: 787, Cover illustrator: Michela Cacciatore.

Back cover

The war against the Hordes of the Lord of Shadows has left a heavy legacy in the Four Kingdoms, a legacy of pain and suffering that has profoundly changed the way people live affected by the conflict, destroying families and relationships but also helping to create new ones.

The country is indeed trying to get out of the crisis, but another threat looms over Kios. The future is uncertain. The First Prophecy places its inhabitants in front of two alternatives: on the one hand, the end of an Age and the birth of a new world; the second, becoming prey to Chaos and an ancient dark power. Choices will have to be made and for someone they will be extreme.


Some may think it is strange that those who were the most serene years of my life, have coincided with one of the most difficult and painful periods for the Northern Kingdom. Yet it was just like that, and I’m not ashamed of it.

After the defeat inflicted by the Alliance to the Hordes of Darkness and the escape of Dagg Elath through the portal of the Forge, the Kingdom had faced one of the deepest crises since the fall of the Avonian Empire; even deeper than the one followed the defeat of the Usurper five years before I was born.

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