The Maze of the Riddler

It is available at the best Italian bookstores the second novel of the saga of the Source of the Worlds, entitled «The Maze of the Riddler», published by the cultural association «I Doni delle Muse».

The Maze of the Riddler

Publisher I Doni Delle Muse, ISBN: 978-88-9916-723-3, 330 pages, cover price € 14,00, Italian language

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A mysterious diary seemingly indecipherable, the disappearance of magic on Earth, a blind girl can sense symbols that others cannot see, a man in search of the beloved woman anywhere in the multiverse. It will be the beginning of an adventure that will lead four young friends between the dangers of the labyrinth, a world of chaos that continues to change shape, dominated by a ruthless who swore revenge against the most powerful among all the ancient gods, Zeus. Only there students can find answers and find out the truth for too long remained buried.


«So, did you bring it?».
Leonardo lifted his head to Alexander who, leaning out the front hatch of the Den, was staring at him anxiously. The boy grinned and disappeared again among the fronds. A moment later, a battered old backpack flew inside the shelter that he and others had built among the branches of the big tree.
It landed with a dull sound, right in front of Rebecca. Sitting cross-legged in a corner, the girl made no mystery to still be quite angry about what had happened during the summer holidays. Back from Ywerddon, his mother had sent her to the nuns, in an educational summer camp in Umbria. Spit, as friends called her, had initially protested, then she realized that she wouldn’t get her way once again. So she had tried until the last day to have her mother for permission to spend a couple of weeks with her father in Bressanone.
The Countess, as gossipers called her, certainly not for her alleged quarters of nobility, had reassured her daughter that she would prepare a letter to the abbess before departure. But in the end she had forgotten, as Rebecca feared. So even for those holidays she had to give up to be with her father.
Hence the expression of anger that she had printed on her face upon arrival at the summer camp, that still did not want to go away.
In fact, those holidays had been a disappointment to all four friends. Leonardo had had to go to London with her aunt for a business trip, and since she had no time to keep up with the nephew if not late at night, Chip — as the boy was called for his passion for computer — ended up spending most of the day locked in the hotel room with strict orders not to leave it for any reason. Sure, the room was a real suite, complete with free pay TV, whirlpool, and Wi-Fi broadband connection but, as far as luxury, it was still a prison. Sometimes he missed the troll he met in Ywerddon.

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