The Hordes of Darkness, Delos Digital edition

First edition of the second volume of the Cycle of the Black Blade, published by Delos Digital and available in Kindle and ePub formats.

The Hordes of Darkness

Series: Odyssey Digital Fantasy, Issue: #9, Publisher: Delos Digital, ISBN: 978-88-653-0746-5, Pages: 821, Cover illustrator: Michela Cacciatore.

Back cover

The invasion has begun, by now. The Hordes of the Dark Lord are spreading in the Northern Kingdom, bringing death and destruction everywhere. So while Garreth is going towards the Peninsula of Cora with the task of killing the Lord of Shadows, Loth is preparing to face the onslaught of the first wave of demons on the capital.

It is continuing in a crescendo the saga of the Dubhlann, the Black Blade, and the epic war of Humans and Elves against the Hordes of Darkness; a war that is capable of transforming men, women and even children in real heroes, ready to sacrifice their lives in order to prevent the chaos takes possession of the Four Kingdoms.

An exciting novel, where nothing is what it seems and where every piece, even in the most seemingly insignificant, may prove decisive for the outcome of the story.


Some say that the real Hell is on Earth. It must be true, because I’ve seen that hell, and I walked all the way down to the bottom. Even now, thinking of that long journey to the Peninsula of Cora, I feel again the cold to grip my bones and to freeze my breath in the throat, while around me the wind is scratching the rock and the ice, drawing sad laments that are lost in a sky carved in the lead.

It has been many years now since the four Kings gave me the improbable task of assassinating Dagg Elath, the Lord of Shadows, a being who had almost nothing human, if it ever had been. Ona, however, believed it, and it was right on that one conviction that my mission was based.

Ona&ellip; So close and yet so unattainable; always by my side, but for me, in fact, lost. I never thought I’d be really fond so much of someone else, certainly not after the death of my family and especially after that of Isella. But the one evening I met Ona and Messala, my life changed radically, although at the time I did not immediately realized it.

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