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Revised and corrected Minis...

⇆ Questo l'elenco dei ministeri e dei ministri del Governo presieduto da Enrico Letta: Sottosegretario alla Presidenza del Consiglio: Filippo Patroni Griffi Interni e Vice Presidente: Angelino Alfano Difesa: Mario Mauro Esteri: Emma Bonino Giustizia: Anna Maria Cancellieri Economia: Fabrizio Saccomanni Riform [...]

Drunk Bonds

Generally I do not publish texts taken from other sites. All articles on this blog are original, they have been written by me or by other authors whom I occasionally host on « The Independent». This story, which has been shared on the web for a while, however, explains so clearly the causes of the current financial crisis, that [...]

Nothing for posterity

We live the age of information and multimedia content. Nowadays more than 2 billion people are connected to the web and produce every day a billion terabytes of data, which is more or less 90% of those that have been produced in the last two years, although many data are in fact redundant or duplicate. An explosive exponential progression, [...]

The easy way and the hard way

It's been more than fifteen months since I wrote «But is it really necessary to continue to grow?». In that article I asked myself if the model to pursue was really that of a continued economic growth, or rather it would better to build one based on quality of life and satisfying everybody's basic needs. My conclusion was that the cur [...]

Happy ending

There are choices in life that are unjust, that is, that force you to choose between two evils. In practice, however you choose, you will hurt someone. Do you think you are able to bear that load? Because being mature means just that: not so much making the right choice at all, but the necessary one. If you think so, read the following [...]

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