Italy Global Ranking 2013

There are many organizations in the world whose mission is to observe and evaluate countries, cities, companies, associations, and public and private institutions with respect certain parameters. Not all are equally reliable or completely impartial and not all of the criteria used to carry out such assessments are always acceptable and generals, however some organizations, criteria and indicators have gained a good reputation and can be considered good benchmarks to verify the actual quality of own performance compared to others.

One category of indicators is related to the various nations of the world and allows us to understand in broad terms how a nation is positioned with respect to best-of-breeds in a particular area. Some of these indicators are quite famous and are often cited by the press. For example, the Human Development Index or the Corruption Perceptions Index.

Notwithstanding that

  1. just an index is not always sufficient to understand a problem of a certain complexity,
  2. the value determined from a specific organization represents anyway a specific point of view, and that
  3. it is not always possible to define an homogeneous set of evaluation parameters valid for any country,

to verify where our country is with respect others in this genre of rankings is still useful to understand whether there is room for improvement and growth in various sectors of the society which we live in.

Therefore I carried out a search regarding Italy going to check the latest position acquired with respect 30 different political, economic, and social indexes. Most of the values relate to the last three years, that is, from 2011 to 2013, some relate to the 2008-2010 period while one is about 2002 and I am not aware if there is a newer version.

Is not the purpose of this article to explain each indicator, so I limited myself to state the source and the year of assessment. Searching the web for indicator or source, you can find all the information you need about both what each index means, and how it was calculated and/or measured.

Putting together these data, I obtained a picture that is not overly exciting, at least for what concerns Italy. All the indicators see the best at the top. Italy is among the top 10 rankings in only six out of 30, and between the tenth and the thirtieth place only in the other 9. For all other indicators is lower than the thirtieth position. However, this would not be so bad if it were not for the rather low position that Italy has on some key indicators, such as that relating to the degree of corruption in the country, tax evasion, ease of access to credit, and equality between men and women.

Hereinafter are the thirty indicators divided into three blocks of 10. The values indicate the position, and then in each graph the smaller is the solid bar, the better is the position. The color of the solid bar indicates the year of assessment: the darker is, the more recent is the evaluation.

First block

34Global Peace IndexGlobal Rankings2013
57Press Freedom IndexReporters Without Borders2013
72Corruption Perceptions IndexTransparency International2012
29Global Innovation IndexWorld Intellectual Property Organization2013
83Economic Freedom IndexHeritage Foundation2013
25Human Development IndexUnited Nations Development Programme2012
2Healthy Life Expectancy IndexWorld Health Organization2011
24Quality of Death IndexLien Foundation and The Economist Intelligence Unit2013
4National IQ Scores IndexRichard Lynn, Tatu Vanhanen, Jelte Wicherts2002
9Nobel Prizes IndexThe Nobel Foundation2009

Second block

67Global Gender Gap IndexWorld Economic Forum2008
49Global Competitiveness IndexWorld Economic Forum2009
14Patent Applications IndexWIPO2008
73Infrastructure Quality IndexWorld Economic Forum2011
6Global Health IndexInternational Human Development2013
34Global Education IndexInternational Human Development2013
28Global Income IndexInternational Human Development2013
26Global Inequality IndexInternational Human Development2013
73Doing Business IndexThe World Bank2013
84Starting Business IndexThe World Bank2013

Third block

104Getting Credit IndexThe World Bank2013
131Paying Taxes IndexThe World Bank2013
27Sovereign Fiscal Responsibility IndexStanford University2011
45Country Credit IndexInstitutional Investor2012
18Environmental Performance IndexGlobal Sherpa2010
23Quality of Power IndexNation Ranking2011
8National Power IndexNation Ranking2011
7Quality and Power IndexNation Ranking2011
72Corruption Perception IndexTransparency International2012
29Democracy IndexEconomist Intelligence Unit2012

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