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Una giornata con Consuelo

Una giornata con Consuelo di Consuelo Battistelli Mi chiamo Consuelo, Consu per gli amici, e sono nata a Mantova il 14 agosto — ma sì, dài, lo posso ancora dire — del 1977. Da poco più di un anno risiedo a Roma dove sono capitata per caso rispondendo, più o meno consciamente, a un'offerta di lavoro di una grande multinazionale. [...]

We are all disabled

On March 2008 I published an article on this blog where I stated that we are all different, and thence that we are all normal, included disabled people, because being different is the normality. If you have not read it, you may want to do it before continuing to read this one. Now I wish to demonstrate exactly the opposite, that is, that we [...]

We are all normal

Look at the image below, on the left. She is a normal girl, is she? So what does make her «normal»? Well, she has two legs, two arms, one head, and she can see, speak, ear, think. Just an ordinary girl. Now, look on the right. He is a normal boy, is he? So what does make him «normal»? Well, he has two legs, two arms, [...]

Let us abolish the Paralympics

We often talk about equal opportunities and equal dignity, but also when we try to apply these principles with the best will and in good faith, we sometimes end up to fall in even a more subtle form of segregation and distinction. An example? The Paralympics. A superb initiative: it is really beautiful, fabulous, spectacular to s [...]

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