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Social Networks: the Next G...

One of the charges most frequently made to social networks is that they are “things for losers”, that is, they are intended for people who seek in the web the illusion to have many friends, being unable to have them in the real world. Most of those who have a Facebook or Twitter account, actually has friends and acquaintan [...]

Thought (48)

Vietnam: the winners always write history. Even when they lose. Dario de Judicibus, Rome, March 10th, 2012 Translations Vietnam: la storia la scrivono sempre i vincitori. Anche quando perdono. Vietnam: les gagnants toujours écrire l'histoire. Même quand ils perdent. Vietnam: Die Sieger schreiben Geschichte immer. [...]

Thought (47)

It's not that the government is too influenced by lobbies, is that the people have not a lobby! Dario de Judicibus, Verbania, March 1st, 2012 Translations Non è che il governo si faccia influenzare troppo dalle lobby, è che il popolo non ce l'ha una lobby! Ce n'est pas que le gouvernement est trop influencée par le [...]

Beyond Democracy

People often says that democracy is not perfect but still the best form of government. Living since I was born in a democratic system, I can say that this is not entirely true, especially if we consider this statement within a realistic picture of what is in fact our society. The founding principle of democracy is that it is defined as [...]

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