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Dario de Judicibus

Dario de Judicibus is a Certified Managing Consultant of IBM Italia. He is also an inventor (5 patents) and a writer (2 manuals, 3 essays, one novel, two short tales and more than 250 articles published in hardcopy). He has many hobbies as playing guitar, photography, and martial arts.

Thought (54)

Civilization is the ability to share what makes us similarin the respect of what makes us different. Dario de Judicibus, Rome, January 20th, 2014 Translations La civiltà è la capacità di condividere ciò che ci rende simili nel rispetto di ciò che ci rende diversi. La civilisation est la capacité de partager ce qui no [...]

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When we speak of rights there is often a serious misunderstanding, that is, we think that it is enough to demand something whether it is a right. In reality, we must gain rights and it is often necessary to fight to get them. Just demanding them rarely suffices. Dario de Judicibus, Rome, December 17th, 2013 Translations [...]

The Italian solution

After the Second World War, the problem arose of how to control the two nations in Europe that had been responsible for the outbreak of the conflict: about Germany, Allies decided to divide it into two separate states, while for Italy, which was considered less dangerous, they adopted a more refined solution, that is, to put it in the [...]

Historical data

Often I come across articles on the web that, based on the analysis of a series of historical data, argue some more or less likely theory. Typically they focus on the identification of specific trends or periodicity within a chart that shows some data within a specified time frame. Charts of this type are used in all disciplines. For e [...]

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Live every day as if it were your last. Live every day as if it were your first. Live every day. Dario de Judicibus, Rome, Novembre 12th, 2013 Translations Vivi ogni giorno come se fosse l'ultimo. Vivi ogni giorno come se fosse il primo. Vivi ogni giorno. Vivez chaque jour comme si c'était le dernier. Vivez chaque [...]

Google Languages

Who never used Google Maps or Street View raise his/her hand! OK, maybe someone is there, but there is no doubt that both applications are valuable projects, whose usefulness has changed the way in which we use to think the web. There are many projects of this kind in Internet now. Some have been more successful than others but everyo [...]

Open Letter about Amnesty a...

⇆ Presidente Napolitano, ometto il caro perché non mi sento così vicino a Lei e ometto anche l'egregio e lo spettabile perché ho sempre maggiore difficoltà ad associare questi termini a personaggi politici di rilievo qualunque sia il ruolo o la posizione che occupano nell'arco costituzionale. L'ho vista particolarmente t [...]

A world of bacteria

I warn you as of now: if you are rupophobic, that is, if you have an obsession with cleanliness and hygiene, do not read this article. I take no responsibility if you do. If yours is not a phobia but you are anyway an avid consumer of antibacterial or antimicrobial products and prefer to buy soaps and detergents when they have these charact [...]

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In a truly civilized country we should never criticize people because they are different, but we should never be afraid to criticize them regardless their diversity too. Dario de Judicibus, Bolzano, July 8th, 2013 Translations In un Paese davvero civile non bisogna mai criticare una persona in quanto diversa da noi, m [...]

Antigone: the primacy of co...

Οὐ γάρ τί μοι Ζεὺς ἦν ὁ κηρύξας τάδε, οὐδ' ἡ ξύνοικος [...]

Government Blackmail

⇆ Si può mettere a repentaglio la continuità di questo governo, impegnato in un programma di attività ben definito, senza offrire pesanti ragioni ai più malevoli e anche interessati critici detrattori del nostro paese, pronti a proclamare l'ingovernabilità e inaffidabilità? I contraccolpi a nostro danno si vedrebbero subito [...]

The Dark Side of Buddhism

We define fundamentalism, in the broad sense, any ideology whose purpose is to create a homogeneous system where there is no plurality of ideas and programs, reconciling and unifying all the existing positions, or rejecting and delegitimizing all positions other than its own, in practice rejecting any compromise so that the latter will pr [...]

Broken lives

When we talk about war, we are used to think just in terms of the “good” and the “wicked”, especially if the conflict in question is the Second World War, where the Axis and the Allies engaged in the bloodiest contest in human history. But war is also a complex event, where the stories of individuals are interw [...]

Italy Global Ranking 2013

There are many organizations in the world whose mission is to observe and evaluate countries, cities, companies, associations, and public and private institutions with respect certain parameters. Not all are equally reliable or completely impartial and not all of the criteria used to carry out such assessments are always acceptable and gene [...]

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