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The Google Desktop Theory

Last September the Google Desktop Team published the following announcement on their blog: Google Desktop Update Friday, September 02, 2011 12:48 PM In 2004, Google launched Google Desktop, a program designed to make it easy for users to search their own PCs for emails, files, music, photos, Web pages and more. Deskt [...]

Beyond the mirror

Beyond the mirrorThe manifest of Total Realityby Dario de Judicibus Often, in science fiction novels, futuristic spaceships and intrepid pioneers cross invisible cracks in the time-space continuum to cross interstellar distances in a short time, faster than the speed of light. It does not matter if they are called stargates or worm [...]

Total Reality

We live in two different worlds: the real world, the one where, for instance, we walk, eat, and sleep, and the virtual one, where we share content, gather information, communicate. In the real world we directly interact with objects and people by using our body and our senses whereas, to access the virtual world, we need specific devices [...]

Technorati: the War of Lang...

It took more than two months to resubmit my blog to Technorati after the major change they applied to their site, but eventually I received the following communication: Jan 19, 2010. Congratulations, you claim is now complete! However, since it is not an English site, we are not currently able to index your posts. Please see https://techno [...]


Internet is really a diversified environment. Most people think that Internet and the World Wide Web are the same thing, but this is not true: the web is just a piece of Internet. For example, let us consider discussions. In the past, most discussions were published on USENET newsgroups, which could be accessed by using an NNTP-enabled reade [...]

Una banda pericolosa

Riporto dal «Corriere della Sera» la seguente notizia: «Lo stop alla banda larga blocca il Paese» Il piano di sviluppo da 800 milioni è stato bloccato MILANO - «Ancora una volta si dimostra come il Governo non racconti tutta la verità e soprattutto non abbia idee chiare su come far uscire il nostro Paese dalla [...]


If you think that web is made of hardware, software, networks, and people, forget it. True, but mostly irrelevant. Thinking the web as a mix of human and artificial components is just like saying that an individual is bones, muscles, blood, and nerves. True, again, but surely not enough to explain the complexity of a human being, especial [...]

Six degrees of separation

"Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is an average of six steps away from each person on Earth." Six degrees of separation, English Wikipedia This concept is one of t [...]

The Digital Dark Age

Preface Yesterday my 13-years old daughter called me for help because her laptop hard disk was rather full. It was a matter of minutes to realize that most of her storage (i.e. 90%) was filled by images, audio and video files. In fact, she has a camera and she likes to take lots of snapshots of her friends. Since her digital camera allows [...]

Qualcosa da dire

Questo non è il mio solito articolo. In genere non parlo di articoli scritti da altri blogger, ma questa volta ho deciso di fare un'eccezione. Stasera sono andato a fare un salto sul blog di Mauro Lupi per leggerne l'ultimo articolo. Si intitola «Robin Good e il nuovo MasterNewMedia» e parla della nuova strategia editoriale [...]

First impressions on Google...

Today I downloaded Chrome, the new browser by Google, and I used it for the whole day. I stressed it a little bit, but of course it was not an exhaustive test: just a first impression, for the moment. So, it is possible that some drawback is not Chrome's fault but mine, that is, I have not yet worked with it for long. Anyway, here is it. [...]

Ghost avatars

One of the major limitations of Second Life is the maximum number of avatars that can access the same sim at the same time. For class 5 sims this number is about 100, in theory, but when there are more than 60 avatars in the same island you can experiment severe problems of lag, especially if those avatars have several attachments with ru [...]

Internet killed the paperba...

Few months ago I had a very heated argument with a guy from France. He insisted on saying that I never published the books that I wrote since he was not able to find them in Internet by ISBN. It was probably only a provocation, of course, since it is not so difficult to find my books in Internet, both on the publisher sites and in the maj [...]

Beyond tagging

According to Wikipedia, a tag is "a relevant keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information". Really tags are very useful to associate concepts to digital objects like images, audio and video files, widgets and applets. There are two advantages using tags. First, the possibility to categorize digital con [...]

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