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How to fix error 5,202,54 f...

Often, when you try to scan a document from Windows by using a Canon scanner, you run into the error 5,202,54. In some cases it is enough to shut down the scanner and restart it to solve the problem; sometimes you need to restart the computer, often a significant waste of time. There is a faster and more effective solution that I have [...]

[HOW TO] Move the iTunes ap...

iTunes is probably not the most friendly and usable application by Apple. For example, in Windows, even if you install iTunes on a specific disk or partition but C disk, data will be stored in My Documents\My Music\iTunes\, that is, in the C disk. If you installed iTunes with username account, the physical path will be C:\Documents an [...]

iPad: not such a friendly k...

It is almost two years that I use both an iPad and an iPhone and I think I can say, with a minimum knowledge of the facts, what is truly usable and what is not in these two devices. Today I want to focus on a particular aspect, that is, the virtual keyboard. As you may know, these devices have an on-screen virtual keyboard. In fact, you can [...]

[HOW TO] Change default por...

If you wish to setup a complete server environment on your local machine to test your PHP-based Joomla or WordPress sites, just to mention a couple of popular platforms, you may want to use WampServer rather then separately install Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and other useful tools. In case you do it on a Windows operating sys [...]

[HOW TO] Get author info in...

If you wish to have a multilanguage site or blog based on the WordPress platform, qTranslate is the plugin for you. It makes really easy to develop and maintain multilanguage WordPress themes and sites. You have several way to provide texts in different languages. For example, you can take advantage of .po and .mo files by using the t [...]

Review of Corel PaintShop P...

One of the applications that I absolutly use the most is Paint Shop Pro — PSP, for friends — a product for graphics and digital image processing. I have a license as far back as 1996, when it was still a shareware product, that is, from version 4.00, which I continued to update even when it became a commercial product with the a [...]

Beyond the mirror

Beyond the mirrorThe manifest of Total Realityby Dario de Judicibus Often, in science fiction novels, futuristic spaceships and intrepid pioneers cross invisible cracks in the time-space continuum to cross interstellar distances in a short time, faster than the speed of light. It does not matter if they are called stargates or worm [...]

Total Reality

We live in two different worlds: the real world, the one where, for instance, we walk, eat, and sleep, and the virtual one, where we share content, gather information, communicate. In the real world we directly interact with objects and people by using our body and our senses whereas, to access the virtual world, we need specific devices [...]

Brenda e il computer

Riporto dal sito dell'«AGI» la seguente notizia: «È giallo per il computer nell'acqua» (AGI) - Roma, 20 nov. - C'è un giallo nel giallo nella morte di Brenda, il trans trovato senza vita questa mattina in via Due Ponti. La Squadra mobile ha sequestrato un computer nell'appartamento del transessuale brasiliano [...]

I stay with XP

As you probably know, there is no way to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. You can find a lot of articles in the web that explain you how to do that, but it is not a real upgrade but a clean install where you can preserve some of your settings and files in the best of cases. A tutorial is provided by Microsoft too. The fact that you cann [...]

Solved: Ubuntu 9.10 does no...

Since this issue gave me quite a headache over the weekend, and since I eventually solved it, I decided to share the solution on my blog to avoid that someone else may waste time as I did. First of all, the environment: a laptop with Ubuntu 9.10 that can be connected by wire or wireless to a home LAN. The LAN is connected to the web by an AD [...]

No Windows 7 Clean Install,...

People do not purchase computers to run operating systems but applications. However it seems that Microsoft really does not understand that simple concept, as well as it does not understand how much time and effort it is usually required to a user for customizing a system according to his/her needs. I am referring to the decision of Mi [...]

The Enterprise 2.0 Revolution

The Enterprise 2.0 Revolution by Dario de Judicibus WHITE PAPER PUBLISHED ON JULY 7TH 2009 What is Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is a knowledge-oriented environment where human interactions generate contents that are published, managed and used through network applications in a service oriented architecture. Dario de Judicibus, IBM (June 2008) [...]

Tube Explorer

"L'Indipendente" Rating  Installation  Interface  Usefulness Videos are probably one of the most interesting resources in the web nowadays. If you are looking for a specific video you may want to go to YouTube or Google Video, but there are a lot of other places where videos are available in Internet. You can u [...]

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