[Hints & Tips] Personal Macro Workbook 2007

As usual, here is the solution to a problem I experienced with Office 2007, just in case it could save some time to someone else.


Since I installed Office 2007, when I double-clicked on any XLS file to open it, Excel 2007 opened but did not load the file or took several minutes to load it.


  • Go to the folder containing the Personal Macro Workbook
    (usually C:Documents and Settings<userid>Application DataMicrosoftExcelXLSTART)
  • Open the personal.xls file, go to View and unhide the worksheet.
  • Go to the Office Button, choose Save As and select Excel Binary Workbook.
  • Go back to View and hide the worksheet once again.
  • Click on Save icon in the Quick Access Toolbar and save the file again.
  • Close the Excel window.
  • Remove from folder the old personal.xls file
    (save it elsewhere, for safety)

Now it is possible again to open XLS files by simply double-clicking on them.

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