[SOLVED] Problems with WPF UI based applications on Dell computers with Alienware Command Center

If you have an application based on WPF UI framework and you run it on a DELL desktop or laptop (e.g. Dell G5 15) with the AlienWare Command Center, you may experiment serious problems with WPF apps rendering. The critical file is the NahimicOSD.dll which is injected into any process and adds some post rendering to the UI which breaks all WPF apps.

Of course, if you uninstall the Dell software the problem disappears, but you DO NOT need to remove AlienWare Command Center to fix the problem. Here is an alternative solution:

  1. Go to
  2. Edit the file BlackApps.dat by a text editor: it contains a list of executable applications
  3. Add at the bottom of the list the name of the WPF-based application which is experiencing problems (just the filename with extension, not the full path)
  4. By Ctrl-Shift-Esc open the Task Manager
  5. Go to Services
  6. Look at AWCCService
  7. Restart it
  8. Launch the WPF-based application

The problem should be fixed, now.

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