Oliver Schneider and Bernhard Seifert
Really good, easy to use, powerful.

WinDirStat is a usable and friendly disk usage statistics viewer which provides you with a powerful tool to take decisions about cleaning up your Microsoft Windows file system. It is very fast to scan your hard disks and provides you with an easy to use interface with a nice graphical view of your disk usage.

WinDirStat is free software published under the GNU General Public License. The interfaces has been translated in various languages, including the Italian one. It works very well for all variants of Microsoft Windows, from the good old 95 up to Vista. Different filetypes are rendered by different colors, so it is easy to identify your music files or photographic images. Folders and partitions are highlighted if you click on them.

I strongly recommend it if you do not trust automated disk cleaner and you prefer to know what you are going to remove from your hard disk. In any case it is a very useful tool, a real must if you are not a basic user, but you do not need to be an advanced user to take advantage of it.

Of course, this is just a disk usage reporting tool, with the ability to perform limited actions on files and folders. It does not provide you with any hint about what to remove and what to leave. Up to you to decide. So, do not remove a file just because it is big: you must know what you are going to delete.

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