I hate Heineken commercials

I really hate Heineken commercials. You may think they are funny, but the real message is that to be a man you must be an absolutely dummy idiot who does consider a football match on TV more important that his girlfriend or who has no other usage for a washing machine than to recycle it as a big ice bucket.

Stereotypes on both men and women are the foundation of mostly all Heineken ads. For example, watch the following one: four women screaming and yelling for a walk-in closet full to the brim of shoes whereas their boyfriends do the same for a big fridge filled by bottles of beer. Idiots. Simply.

Or this other one, where few young men are helping a friend of theirs to move. Most of the objects are simply useless, demonstrating a level of intelligence which is inferior to the one of a planaria. But the real heart of the matter is the washing machine: «What’s that for?» asks a guy. Obviously a “real” man has no idea what is a washing machine for: women’s stuff, isn’t it?

But the worst is the following: your girlfriend takes you to see a football match with friends, but it looks like they do no appreciate that idea. So what do you do? Something you would never do to your dog which, by the way, is allowed to enter, in fact: you keep her outside! Is he a real man? I would say that he is a bastard!

I honestly hope that Danish young men are not like the protagonists of those commercials, because in such a case we can only hope that they will not be able to transmit their own genes to future generations, since no real woman will accept to have children with them. But even if you may think that those commercials are funny, the real message that they give to young men and women is that being an idiot is cool. No values, no commitment, and no culture: a crazy stupid life made of false values that give no contribute to humanity.

If it is necessary to be like those men and women to be a Heineken beer drinker, well, I am happy I do not like beer at all.

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  1. utente anonimo ha detto:

    It seems to me that they are playing with stereotypes, rather than actually supporting them. They are not meant to show cool people, they are meant to be paradoxical. And frankly taking them seriously seems just a lack of humour on your part.

  2. Dario de Judicibus ha detto:

    @Andrea – Well, I was thinking the same, at the beginning, but after watching to them I realized that there was a strong connection in that commercial message between drinking Heineken beer and behaving and linving in a  certain way.

    Now, let us view it from a marketing perspective. Let us suppose that you have a product and that you want to advertise it. Would you use as a testimonial a Nazist, a pedophile, or any other negative character? Of course you will not, because you do not want to associate your product to a negative style of life, even in a comic or funny ad.

    So, why Heineken does it? There could be an only answer: because they realizes that a lot of young men do not consider that a negative style of life, but a cool one. I have been several times in Denmark, and at the evening the pubs are full of boys and girls getting drunk by beer. Not a nice show.

  3. utente anonimo ha detto:

    Direi che se dovessimo metterci ad enumerare i quantitativi di sessismo antimaschile che trasuda dalla maggior parte delle pubblicità televisive, quello della Heineken avrebbe le medesime proporzioni della classica pagliuzza rispetto alla classica trave….

  4. utente anonimo ha detto:

    Hi Dario,
    I completely agree with you, I particularly hate the "moving in" commercial, because unlike many young Italians I studied at the university away from my parents' home, so I basically live on my own from 1994.
    In my opinion, playing with a stereotype for advertising purpose may either support or criticise the stereotype, it depends on the advertising.

    These commercials reinforce and endorse the stereotype IMHO, besides there was (or still is) a sort of "official" heineken site related to the claim ("are you still with us"), and it too played on this very dumb idea of being a "man"
    Besides, where do these people live? I've got a lot of female friends, yoiu just TRY to tell them they can't watch football matches with men…
    For example I like the Ceres newest commercial, the one with the "train" made of beer and the party characters with signs saying "don't drink and drive". What do you think of that?

  5. Dario de Judicibus ha detto:

    @anonimo #3

    In effetti nella maggior parte delle pubblicità i ruoli maschili e femminili sono ancora molto caratterizzati al punto da essere decisamente superati da una realtà che comunque sta diventando sempre più paritaria. Purtroppo gli uomini sono ancora visti come machi, le donne come vamp, e gli unici che si occupano dei figli sono le madri: sono rare le pubblicità che esaltano il ruolo del padre nei suoi aspetti più teneri e di cura genitoriale. Questa televisione manda messaggi sbagliati rallentando il processo di emancipazione sia femminile che maschile attraverso stereotipi e esaltazione delle differenze. Sinceramente non mi ci riconosco ed evito quelle marche che mi vogliono attribuire un ruolo che ritengo del tutto falso e stereotipato.

  6. Dario de Judicibus ha detto:

    @anonymous #4

    I totally agree with you. It is possible to broadcast commercials which advertise a product without providing the audience with negative messages, but positive ones. Drinking beer is not a problem if you do it in the right way, for example, at home with friend, male and female, spending a nice evening watching football or speaking of any subject. I hate too those messages where the man MUST be strong, dirty, and… dummy 🙂 whereas women are good just for sex. I like sex, but I like also to have female friends to speak, make sports together, have a nice day walking or doing anything else. I like smart people who are able to manage any situation. A man can be a great cook, a woman can repair a car engine. It is not a matter of gender, but attitude. We have to respect people for what they are and what they can do, not because of stereotyped roles.

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