Draculea the Musical in Second Life

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 — 21:30 CEST (12.30 SLT)
Living in Tuscany and Treasure of Tuscany lands

«Draculea – Nel Sangue e nell’Amore», the musical,
is coming to Second Life!

The show is sponsored by the major Italian blood donor association: AVIS (Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue).

On September 24th, Second Life is going to host a virtual performance of the Italian musical «Draculea – Nel Sangue e nell’Amore». In the real life the show is made of two parts and it is directed by Riccardo Giannini, soundtrack by Tiziano Barvafiera, script by Diego Ribechini, and choreographies by Anna Grunwald. It will play in real life on October 3rd, 4th, and 5th at the Rifredi Theater in Florence (Italy), during the celebrations of the Florence’s Music Festival, the first event of its kind dedicated to the world of musicals.

The musical «Draculea – Nel Sangue e nell’Amore» has already won the first prize for the best unpublished Italian musical during the Musical Day 2007 event. Few months ago, AVIS decided to sponsor it and to select it as the official ambassador of the its regional section in Tuscany.

Since the slogan of show is «Blood is Life», it was considered a perfect linkage between AVIS and the Virtual Vampire world of Second Life. Therefore, the same team that produced «Odissea the Musical» and «Jesus Christ Superstar» in Second Life, enhanced with the addition of new professionals, has completely generated a brand new 3D Virtual Draculea with avatars and scenery specifically realized for this event. As in the previous shows, it will be a live show. In fact, while the singers will broadcast from studio, the avatars will be driven in real-time by the team. It was a huge effort that required months of practicing and rehearsals to obtain a perfect synchronization between moves and musics.

Cast is comprised by seven musical singers who will live perform thirteen pieces, as well as twenty professionals among actors, builders, scripters, and technical support persons. Hosting lands are Living in Tuscany for the stalls and welcome point, and Treasure of Tuscany for the stage. These are the numbers of a shows that promises to be a great event!

The Second Life musical was carried out from an idea of Anna Grunwald (aka Lioranne Flanagan) and Claudio Crocetti (aka KlaudeC Korobase). Scenery in Second Life were created by Arch. Alessandro La Sorte (aka Lamosseth Beck) with the collaboration of Mrs. Daniela Rizzi (aka Cristabella Loon). Costumes were produced by Mrs. Franca Olivieri (aka Fanny Douglas), whereas special effects were created by Dr. Dario De Judicibus (aka Eadoin Welles), who directed «Odissea the Musical» few months ago. Dracula’s animations and accessories were provided by Valentina Ferrari (aka Saytona Chemistry).

The Second Life performance of the musical, produced by Senso Unico Alternato (SUA), Arkitris, and Fanny’s Dream, is sponsored in the metaverse by Musaico Immaginario, Intoscana.it, AVIS, and the blog «L’Indipendente».

A trailer of the musical is also available on YouTube. The names of all the avatars who participated to the making of the event are listed in its closing titles.

The show will be also streamed to the web on Draculea and AVIS sites.

Even in the world of darkness there will be light because «Blood is Life»!

Commenti (2) a «Draculea the Musical in Second Life»

  1. Dario de Judicibus ha detto:

    Splinder (25/09/2008) Quando la professionalità s’accoppia con la tecnologia escon fuori puntualmente dei piccoli capolavori. E’ successo ieri sera con il Musical “DRACULEA NEL SANGUE E NELL’AMORE“ che ha debuttato nelle lands “Living in Tuscany” e “Treasure of Tuscany”. Un connubio tra AVIS e il mondo dei vampiri su Second Life dalla cui unione apparentemente improbabile…

    Leggi ancora…

  2. Dario de Judicibus ha detto:

    Here is a slideshow of the event published on Flickr.

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