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Beyond the mirror

Beyond the mirrorThe manifest of Total Realityby Dario de Judicibus Often, in science fiction novels, futuristic spaceships and intrepid pioneers cross invisible cracks in the time-space continuum to cross interstellar distances in a short time, faster than the speed of light. It does not matter if they are called stargates or worm [...]

Total Reality

We live in two different worlds: the real world, the one where, for instance, we walk, eat, and sleep, and the virtual one, where we share content, gather information, communicate. In the real world we directly interact with objects and people by using our body and our senses whereas, to access the virtual world, we need specific devices [...]

Art 2.0

Can a work of art be the product of collective creativity? We are used to think to the artist as a very peculiar individual, mostly self-centered, out of schemes, sometimes introverted and asocial, often capricious and extravagant, not really inclined to teamwork and collaboration. However creativity is a human characteristic, that is, [...]

Technorati: the War of Lang...

It took more than two months to resubmit my blog to Technorati after the major change they applied to their site, but eventually I received the following communication: Jan 19, 2010. Congratulations, you claim is now complete! However, since it is not an English site, we are not currently able to index your posts. Please see https://techno [...]

There is nothing like a fla...

We are different. It is the real strength of human species. We have different habits, different mindsets, different cultural background, different languages, different history, different ways we dress, different styles, different behaviors, different food, different houses and architectures, different looks and physical aspect. That is not [...]

Dal Web 2.0 all’Enter...

Dal Web 2.0 all'Enterprise 2.0 di Dario de Judicibus «Tutti lo cercano, tutti lo vogliono» Potrebbe iniziare così il tormentone 2009 dell'hit parade delle tecnologie più desiderate del momento nel mondo imprenditoriale. Mi riferisco al web 2.0, questo misterioso oggetto del desiderio di cui tutti parlano ma dal quale poc [...]

De censura

Sto leggendo una nota che Roberto Di Nunzio ha pubblicato su Facebook e che riporta un articolo di Jillian York sull'azione censoria di quella che è una delle più famose piattaforme per reti sociali soprattutto in relazione all'allattamento al seno e alla crisi in Medio Oriente. Ne prendo spunto per parlare di censura. Non intendo esp [...]

Six degrees of separation

"Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is an average of six steps away from each person on Earth." Six degrees of separation, English Wikipedia This concept is one of t [...]

Sustainable Web

The first time I connected my computer to a network, it was on May 1984. The computer was an Amiga 1000, the network was a BBS by MC-Link, and the device I used to connect was a 300bps modem. Downloading a 10K image required a lot of time and since that connection occurred on a traditional telephonic line, it was very expensive too. There [...]

Beyond tagging

According to Wikipedia, a tag is "a relevant keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information". Really tags are very useful to associate concepts to digital objects like images, audio and video files, widgets and applets. There are two advantages using tags. First, the possibility to categorize digital con [...]

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