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The Dark Side of Buddhism

We define fundamentalism, in the broad sense, any ideology whose purpose is to create a homogeneous system where there is no plurality of ideas and programs, reconciling and unifying all the existing positions, or rejecting and delegitimizing all positions other than its own, in practice rejecting any compromise so that the latter will pr [...]

The origin of life

Often I hear people ask: how is it possible that to a certain point a combination of organic and inorganic molecules has developed life? How cannot all this be attributed to the intervention of some superior entity, a creator god? In fact when we look at a cat and a piece of rock, it is quite difficult to imagine how in the end they a [...]

About soul

⇆ C'è una vita dopo la morte? Probabilmente sono più di centomila anni che l'uomo si pone questa domanda. Il fatto è che non riusciamo a credere che tutto ciò che siamo, i nostri desideri, le nostre paure, i nostri sogni, le nostre idee e soprattutto i nostri sentimenti spariscano con il dissolvimento del corpo fisico. Sappiam [...]

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