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Wharf Jeremie, Belem Missio...

Wharf Jeremie, Belem Mission, Haitiby Janusz Gawronski Translation from Italian by Dario de Judicibus The tiny street unfolds between the shacks of the slum. It seems drawn by an invisible city planner. A real road, a driveway, between inhabited gutters and debris: in the absence of light-water-sewer-drain-schools-phones-tra [...]

Acts of violence

⇆ Ieri sera ero seduto nell'atrio di un albergo dove avevo appuntamento con un cliente, quando l'occhio mi è caduto su una copia del Corriere della Sera lasciata lì da qualche ospite dell'albergo. La giornata era stata caratterizzata da diversi fatti di sangue, fra suicidi e omicidi. Il primo fatto di cronaca riguardava una str [...]

Truth or facts?

Truth does not exist: facts exist. Perhaps you already heard this title's sentence: it is the favorite statements by one of the Italian journalists I most appreciate and for whom I have great respect: Pino Scaccia. It is a beautiful sentence. I cannot say anyway that it encloses a great truth because I would risk to gen [...]

Digital ashes

A couple of years ago, the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt said in a conference in California that every two days we create as much data as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003, something like five exabytes of data [Techonomy]. For the record, one exabyte is ten to the eighteenth bytes, or a trillion bytes. Someone al [...]

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