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Google Languages

Who never used Google Maps or Street View raise his/her hand! OK, maybe someone is there, but there is no doubt that both applications are valuable projects, whose usefulness has changed the way in which we use to think the web. There are many projects of this kind in Internet now. Some have been more successful than others but everyo [...]

In which language I am look...

One of the major problems of many big brands of the web is that, even if they have a global approach, they remain fundamentally American, that is, they have a mono-cultural perspective. Someone might argue that if there is a country of a thousand cultures, these are precisely the United States of America, but in fact the inclusion of many d [...]

Vive l’Europe!

⇆ Ho appena finito di leggere un articolo sul blog di Anna Masera, pubblicato sul sito del «La Stampa». Si intitola «Biblioteche di tutta Europa unitevi, sul Web» e tratta della controffensiva europea all'iniziativa di Google per una biblioteca digitale. Riassumo per chi non conoscesse i fatti. [...]

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