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In which language I am look...

One of the major problems of many big brands of the web is that, even if they have a global approach, they remain fundamentally American, that is, they have a mono-cultural perspective. Someone might argue that if there is a country of a thousand cultures, these are precisely the United States of America, but in fact the inclusion of many d [...]

The Google Desktop Theory

Last September the Google Desktop Team published the following announcement on their blog: Google Desktop Update Friday, September 02, 2011 12:48 PM In 2004, Google launched Google Desktop, a program designed to make it easy for users to search their own PCs for emails, files, music, photos, Web pages and more. Deskt [...]

No passport visa for Google...

It looks like crossing borders can be a problem in virtual worlds too. We know how difficult is for Mexican people to enter in United States in violation of U.S. immigration law. According to the U.S. Border Patrol, there were 1,954 migrant deaths along the Mexico-U.S. border between 1998 and 2004. Well, it looks like that crossing the Un [...]

Loch Google Monster

Today the British newspaper «The Sun» published a snapshot from Google Earth's satellite images showing a shape in the Loch Ness which looks like the famous monster. Is that really a plesiosaur, or just a boat with rear wakes? You can see the same image on Google Map too: So I captured the image and enlarged it four times. [...]

Google Mobile Voice? There&...

A couple of days ago Sean Kovacs, the developer of Google Voice Mobile, posted on his blog a piece of news reporting that Richard Chipman from Apple just called and told him they were removing GV Mobile from the App Store due to it duplicating features that the iPhone comes with. No furt [...]

Tube Explorer

"L'Indipendente" Rating  Installation  Interface  Usefulness Videos are probably one of the most interesting resources in the web nowadays. If you are looking for a specific video you may want to go to YouTube or Google Video, but there are a lot of other places where videos are available in Internet. You can u [...]

Google Garden Gnomes

Announcement October 31, 2008 Google Announces Launch of Google Garden Gnomes Technology Google today announced the release of beta version of 3G, that is, Google Garden Gnomes, an innovative mapping and local search application for garden gnomes. Google is working with various associations and groups of volunteers to map most garden gn [...]

First impressions on Google...

Today I downloaded Chrome, the new browser by Google, and I used it for the whole day. I stressed it a little bit, but of course it was not an exhaustive test: just a first impression, for the moment. So, it is possible that some drawback is not Chrome's fault but mine, that is, I have not yet worked with it for long. Anyway, here is it. [...]

Vive l’Europe!

⇆ Ho appena finito di leggere un articolo sul blog di Anna Masera, pubblicato sul sito del «La Stampa». Si intitola «Biblioteche di tutta Europa unitevi, sul Web» e tratta della controffensiva europea all'iniziativa di Google per una biblioteca digitale. Riassumo per chi non conoscesse i fatti. [...]

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