Dragon’s Blood

The publishing crisis certainly has not made life easier for many Italian authors, especially those of fantastic fiction, a literary genre that is not so popular in Italy, so I’m really pleased to announce that an anthology of historical and fantasy short stories entitled «Sangue di Drago» (Dragon’s Blood) is under distribution since March 31st, 2014. The anthology, published by the cultural association «I Doni Delle Muse» (The Gifts Of Muse), contains 19 stories by well-established authors in the genre — including, undeservedly, the undersigned — all focused on the theme of that wonderful and mysterious mythological figure that is the dragon.

Sangue di Drago

Publisher I Doni Delle Muse, ISBN: 978-88-909656-0-9, 226 pages, cover price € 12,00

Back cover

Many things are told about Dragons. Poets sing of how they were generated from the depths of infinite oceans or the hot bowels of the Earth, others celebrate their poisonous eyes, their hearts bearing power and immortality. There something more, anyway: the plots of the nineteen stories of this anthology — written by the best Italian fantasy authors — deal with the darkness of past times and the disillusionment of worlds where magic is nothing more than a distant memory, to render in all its complexity one of the most beloved fantasy creatures of all times.


  • Il drago bianco (The White Dragon), by Daniele Picciuti
  • Il canto delle balene-drago (The Singing of Whale-Dragons), by Alessandro Renna
  • Magia d’amore (Magic of Love), by Fabiana Redivo
  • Calinen il cacciatore (Calinen the Hunter), by Guido Colombo
  • Rovesciato (Upturned), by Marco Migliori
  • L’ultima luna dell’inverno (The Last Moon of Winter), by Dario de Judicibus
  • Il drago della piana di Ares (The Dragon of Ares Plain), by Lavinia Scolari
  • Ormserkr (Ormserkr), by Marco Albé
  • Drianna e il drago (Drianna and the Dragon), by Alexia Bianchini
  • Senza macchia e senza paura (Without Fear and Blemish), by Viviana Tenga
  • Io e il cavaliere (The Knight and Me), by Marco Bertoli
  • Un peccato antico (An Ancient Sin), by Angelo Ficino
  • Tempo di guerra (Wartime), by Alberto De Stefano
  • Il patto (The Covenant), by Elvio Ravasio
  • Scuola di cucina (Cooking School), by Marco Gavio de Rubeis
  • Come nasce una leggenda (The Making of a Legend), by Alessandro Fusco
  • Codarda (Coward), by Anna Gili
  • Tutto così ebbe fine e tutto così ebbe inizio (All so ended and so began), by Angelo Berti
  • L’ultimo dragoluce (The Last Light-Dragon), by Demetrio Battaglia

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