The rights of others

One after another, several European countries are beginning to recognize same-sex couples more rights, until they will get to see themselves recognized the status of spouses. First Spain, now it’s time for France and the United Kingdom. Come today, tomorrow or the next day, by now it is a trend that is becoming stronger and that will eventually involve the whole of Europe. Not only that, even the United States are considering to extend to all States what is currently legal only in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Washington, Maine, Maryland and in the District of Washington.

In Europe, the marriage between persons of the same gender is allowed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. Outside Europe, in Canada, South Africa, Argentina, and Mexico. At the moment in France, Israel, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, marriage between people of the same gender is not yet possible but it is recognized if couple got married where it is possible. Elsewhere, furthermore, various types of civil unions are already recognized, such as in the UK and in Germany.

In Italy the situation is yet to be defined because the law is ambiguous in this regard. There have been a number of judgments, some in favor, others opposed. As a matter of fact to weigh heavily on the issue is the presence of the Church in almost all debates on moral issues in our country. But what will happen when to recognize same-sex marriage will be virtually all countries of the European Union? At this point it is clear that married couples in other countries will demand the right to be recognized as such in Italy too, and that the European Union itself will eventually intervene to avoid an evident discrimination between EU citizens belonging to different countries.

This will be even more true if the spouses will be an Italian and a citizen of a country where this kind of marriage is already allowed. How can then Italy oppose without getting into serious conflict with the rest of Europe? We have heard several times in recent months the familiar refrain «Europe wants it» systematically occurs to justify any kind of decision and law against Italian citizens. What will Italy do when same-sex marriage will be legal in the rest of Europe?

So, let’s be honest: it will happen in Italy too, despite Monti, Casini, Cardinal Bagnasco, the PdL and the Church, despite the many bigots who think that two individual of the same gender are not entitled to love, to live together and to have consequently, the same rights as a heterosexual couple that loves and lives under the same roof. Nobody can stop forever the process of social and civil development which led our society to bring down one barrier after another, as slavery or prohibition for women to work and vote; which led to recognize a range of rights, such as freedom of movement, property, expression, the press, all of which today we take for granted but that did cost human lives and many sacrifices in a past too often forgotten. One day it will be the same for same-sex marriage but, for it to happen, it’s up to heterosexuals first to fight for this right, because in all countries people fight for their rights, but only in the really civil ones people fight for the rights of others.

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