The Wealth of a Country

The wealth of a country is based in the productive economy, that is, the ability of that country to produce goods and services and to generate a good demand for them, both internally and, especially, abroad.

The most effective and popular strategy of production nowadays is called mass customization and it has the objective to meet the individual needs of customers while preserving the advantages of mass production, namely low production costs and reasonable sale prices.

It follows that the success of that strategy and therefore of the country itself depends on the existence of a large demand for all kinds of products and services and this is possible only if the internal wealth of the country is sufficiently evenly distributed.

In a country where most of the wealth is in the hands of a small percentage of the population, the ability to purchase by the rest of the population is seriously compromised. In fact, although the wealthy can spend a significant amount of money, especially in luxury goods, these represent only a small part of the productive economy and therefore most of the goods and services are penalized at the expense of the wealth of the entire country.

In practice, a country where wealth is poorly distributed is also a country that tends to impoverish and weaken more and more towards other countries. Conversely, a country in which every citizen has a certain level of quality of life, there is an adequate level of consumption that supports the growth of any sector of the productive economy.

It follows that the trend that is spreading in Western countries to increasingly penalize the weaker sections of the population in favor of an ever smaller number of people, instead of supporting a reasonable level of consumption, that is, the capitalist vision of society, undermines its foundation, creating the conditions for the collapse of the productive economy of that country.

That’s what we’re seeing in Italy with the collapse of the purchases in the automotive industry or in other countries where, however, the wealth accumulated in the hands of a few stops to circulate and therefore to produce more wealth.

In conclusion, a better and broader distribution of wealth in a country is not only ethically desirable, but is the foundation for a healthy productive economy and so it is the prerequisite for the growth of the country.

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