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We have a lifetime ahead of us.We simply do not know how long it will last. Dario de Judicibus, Rome, December, 26th, 2011 Translations Abbiamo tutta la vita davanti a noi. Semplicemente non sappiamo quanto durerà. Nous avons toute une vie devant nous. Nous n'avons simplement pas savoir combien de temps cela va durer. W [...]

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If you wish to setup a complete server environment on your local machine to test your PHP-based Joomla or WordPress sites, just to mention a couple of popular platforms, you may want to use WampServer rather then separately install Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and other useful tools. In case you do it on a Windows operating sys [...]

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If you wish to have a multilanguage site or blog based on the WordPress platform, qTranslate is the plugin for you. It makes really easy to develop and maintain multilanguage WordPress themes and sites. You have several way to provide texts in different languages. For example, you can take advantage of .po and .mo files by using the t [...]

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Imagine living in a country where everyone, absolutely everyone, has a house, maybe nothing sensational but in proportion to the needs of his/her family. Imagine also that everyone in that country, men and women, has a job with good pay, even here nothing stratospheric but sufficient to ensure a dignified life, two meals a day, a holiday of [...]

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