Norway’s Massacre Memory Wall


Last update: August 2nd, 2011 – 11:30
The faces and the names of the 77 victims

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Aleksander Aas Eriksen (16) from Meråker
Anders Kristiansen (18) from Bardu
Andreas Dalby Grønnesby (17) from Stange, Hedmark
Andreas Edvardsen (19) from Sarpsborg
Andrine Bakkene Espeland (16) from Fredrikstad
Anne Lise Holter (51) from Våler I Østfold
Åsta Sofie Helland Dahl (16) from Sortland
Bano Abobakar Rashid (18) from Nesodden
Bendik Rosnæs Ellingsen (18) from Rygge
Birgitte Smetbak (15) from Nøtterøy
Carina Borgund (18) from Oslo
Diderik Aamodt Olsen (19) from Nesodden
Eivind Hovden (15) from Tokke
Elisabeth Trønnes Lie (16) from Halden
Emil Okkenhaug (15) from Levanger
Espen Jørgensen (17) from Bodø
Eva Kathinka Lütken (17) from Sarpsborg
Even Flugstad Malmedal (18) from Gjøvik
Fredrik Lund Schjetne (18) from Eidsvoll
Gizem Dogan (17) from Trondheim
Gunnar Linaker (23) from Bardu
Guro Vartdal Håvoll (18) from Ørsta
Håkon Ødegaard (17) from Trondheim
Hanna M. Orvik Endresen (61) from Oslo
Hanne Anette Balch Fjalestad (43) from Lunner
Hanne Ekroll Løvlie (30) from Oslo
Hanne Kristine Fridtun (19) from Stryn
Håvard Vederhus (21) from Oslo
Henrik André Pedersen (27) from Porsanger
Henrik Rasmussen (18) from Hadsel
Ida Beathe Rogne (18) from Østre Toten
Ida Marie Hill (34) from Oslo
Ingrid Berg Heggelund (18) from Ås
Isabel Victoria Green Sogn (17) from Oslo
Ismail Haji Ahmed (19) from Hamar
Jamil Rafal Mohamad Jamil (20) from Eigersund
Johannes Buø (14) from Mandal
Jon Vegard Lervåg (32) from Oslo
Kai Hauge (32) from Oslo
Karar Mustafa Quasim (19) from Vestby
Karin Elena Holst (15) from Mo i Rana
Kevin Daae Berland (15) from Askøy
Kjersti Berg Sand (26) from Nord-Odal
Lejla Selaci (17) from Fredrikstad
Lene Maria Bergum (19) from Namsos
Margrethe Bøyum Kløven (16) from Bærum
Maria Maagerø Johannesen (17) from Nøtterøy
Marianne Sandvik (16) from Stavanger
Modupe Ellen Awoyemi (15) from Drammen
Mona Abdinur (18) from Oslo
Monica Elisabeth Bøsei (45) from Hole
Monica Iselin Didriksen (18) from Sund, Hordaland
Porntip “Pamela” Ardam (21) from Oslo
Rolf Christopher Johansen Perreau (25) from Trondheim
Ronja Søttar Johansen (17) from Vefsn
Rune Havdal (43) from Øvre Eiker
Ruth Benedichte Vatndal Nilsen (15) from Tønsberg
Sharidyn Meegan Ngahiwi Svebakk-Bøhn (14) from Drammen
Silje Merete Fjellbu (17) from Tinn
Silje Stamneshagen (18) from Askøy
Simon Sæbø (19) from Salangen
Snorre Haller (30) from Trondheim
Sondre Furseth Dale (17) from Haugesund
Sondre Kjøren (17) from Orkdal
Steinar Jessen (16) from Alta
Sverre Flåte Bjørkavåg (28) from Sula
Synne Røyneland (18) from Oslo
Syvert Knudsen (17) from Lyngdal
Tamta Liparteliani (23) from Georgia
Tarald Kuven Mjelde (18) from Osterøy
Thomas Margido Antonsen (16) from Oslo
Tina Iversen Sukuvara (18) from Vadsø
Tore Eikeland (21) from Bergen
Torjus Jakobsen Blattmann (17) from Kristiansand
Tove Åshill Knutsen (56) from Oslo
Trond Berntsen (51) from Øvre Eiker
Victoria Stenberg (17) from Nes

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