Where are Sofia’s nudes?

Sometimes I have the impression that Google censor data that it collects on the net, but not according to moral criteria, rather to pressure from certain groups of power.

Take for example Sofia Hellqvist, the most recent flame of Swedish Prince Carl Philip. She is told to be a glamour model by Wikipedia and other sites. Only a few speak of her as a porn star. The point is that if you search for her name in Google and you go to look for pictures of Sofia Hellqvist, even if you disable the SafeSearch option, you get only quite chaste images of that girl, most of them in bikini, no full nude, not even topless.

This is quite strange if you think that it is quite easy to find nudes and topless of mostly any actress, singer, show woman, even the most famous ones. So why it is practically impossible to find a nude image of that girl, a “glamour model”, probably with a past as a porn star? Of course it is possible that she never posed nude, but… can you really believe that?

So I decided to try other search engines, as Bing, for example. Same result. So the problem is not censorship, or at least, it seems that nude images of Sofia Hellqvist simply do not exist.

You might wonder why I care of this: there are a lot of beautiful nude girls in the web! Well, the point is not interest in nudity but in the possibility that governments or other group of powers may prevent the publication of specific contents in the web, not because morally wrong or inappropriate, but simply to protect specific interests. Sofia Hellqvist could be just the symptom of a much more serious problem.

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