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I stay with XP

As you probably know, there is no way to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. You can find a lot of articles in the web that explain you how to do that, but it is not a real upgrade but a clean install where you can preserve some of your settings and files in the best of cases. A tutorial is provided by Microsoft too. The fact that you cann [...]

Solved: Ubuntu 9.10 does no...

Since this issue gave me quite a headache over the weekend, and since I eventually solved it, I decided to share the solution on my blog to avoid that someone else may waste time as I did. First of all, the environment: a laptop with Ubuntu 9.10 that can be connected by wire or wireless to a home LAN. The LAN is connected to the web by an AD [...]

MSN Games: more transparenc...

The web should be a place of freedom, but also a place of transparency, sharing, and ethicality; a place where even advertising should be clear and absolutely not misleading. It is not. Just an example? MSN Games site. Today I went to that site to purchase a game I like, Hexic. As you can see below, in the snapshot, it seems that the game is [...]

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L'Italia è un Paese dove tutto ciò che non è esplicitamente permesso è proibito, e tutto ciò che è proibito è implicitamente permesso. Dario de Judicibus, Roma, 8 Settembre 2009 Traduzioni Italy is a country where anything not explicitly permitted is forbidden, and all that is forbidden is implicitly allowed. L'I [...]

Loch Google Monster

Today the British newspaper «The Sun» published a snapshot from Google Earth's satellite images showing a shape in the Loch Ness which looks like the famous monster. Is that really a plesiosaur, or just a boat with rear wakes? You can see the same image on Google Map too: So I captured the image and enlarged it four times. [...]

The Story of Stuff – ...

ENGLISH TEXT I do not usually share someone else's video clips on my blog. If I wish to share a video with friends I use Facebook. I use my blog only for contents created by me or some collaborator of mine. In fact, I personally think that we should apply sustainability principles to web [...]

Digging the Digg

I often use Digg to share bookmarks. When I submit a link, I am requested to specify a topic to facilitate other people to find it. Well, it is a fact that no taxonomy is really exhaustive and that every attempt to group articles by categories is based on a subjective point of view, however the Digg's selected topics are really a mystery for [...]

I’m NOT lovin’ it!

I live in Rome, Italy. This morning I decided to go to EUR for shopping. While walking, I saw a pile of garbage on the side of the street, next to the rubbish skips. «What uncivilized people!», I thought. I got near the heap and looked closer. They were just paper glasses and boxes of McDonald's products! In fact, 50 meters ahead, on the oth [...]

Google Mobile Voice? There&...

A couple of days ago Sean Kovacs, the developer of Google Voice Mobile, posted on his blog a piece of news reporting that Richard Chipman from Apple just called and told him they were removing GV Mobile from the App Store due to it duplicating features that the iPhone comes with. No furt [...]

The Silence of Women

Lubna Ahmed Hussein (or Al-Hussein) is a well known female journalist living in Sudan. She writes a regular column entitled "Men Talk" in "Al-Sahafa" (i.e. “The Press”), one of most popular Arabic daily newspaper, and founded by her late husband Abdul Rahman Mukhtar in 1961. In her column she criticizes [...]

No Windows 7 Clean Install,...

People do not purchase computers to run operating systems but applications. However it seems that Microsoft really does not understand that simple concept, as well as it does not understand how much time and effort it is usually required to a user for customizing a system according to his/her needs. I am referring to the decision of Mi [...]

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La vita è una ricetta che ha ogni giorno un sapore diverso se sai cambiare ogni volta dosaggi e ingredienti. Dario de Judicibus, Napoli, 13 luglio 2009 Traduzioni Life is a recipe that has every day a different flavor if you know how to change every time dosages and ingredients. La vie est une recette qui a tous les [...]

The Enterprise 2.0 Revolution

The Enterprise 2.0 Revolution by Dario de Judicibus WHITE PAPER PUBLISHED ON JULY 7TH 2009 What is Web 2.0 Web 2.0 is a knowledge-oriented environment where human interactions generate contents that are published, managed and used through network applications in a service oriented architecture. Dario de Judicibus, IBM (June 2008) [...]

No blog day

I giornalisti della carta stampata e quelli della radiotelevisione sciopereranno rispettivamente il 13 e il 14 luglio per protestare contro il disegno di legge del Ministro Alfano sulle intercettazioni. Questo blog aderisce allo sciopero in questione non pubblicando articoli nei due giorni in questione. Si invitano tutti i blog italiani a [...]

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