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Public Registry of Objections

⇆ Sarà vero? Non lo sarà? Se quello che promette il sito verrà effettivamente rispettato, allora è la volta buona che potremo dare un taglio definitivo a quelle maledette telefonate promozionali che ci perseguitano da fin troppo tempo, in particolare da parte dei gestori di telefonia, gas ed energia elettrica. Secondo infatti [...]

Waste-based economy

Accessories, spare parts, maintenance: three pillars of our economy, three significant sources of waste and garbage. Accessories are a huge business. Every time a company is delivering a new product or even a new model of a certain product, several accessories become obsolete. The old ones simply do not fit the new product. An example? Many [...]

Google Mobile Voice? There&...

A couple of days ago Sean Kovacs, the developer of Google Voice Mobile, posted on his blog a piece of news reporting that Richard Chipman from Apple just called and told him they were removing GV Mobile from the App Store due to it duplicating features that the iPhone comes with. No furt [...]

iPhone 3G prices all over t...

Few days to go before the launch of the new iPhone 3G. How much it will cost in Italy? What's about the other countries of the world? Publishing an exhaustive and complete comparison table is a challenge, because of the many different plans and offerings from a lot of different providers. I tried to report the cheapest offerings in every [...]

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