Odissea the Musical in Second Life

The Pæstum theatre of Italia Vera in Second Life
is pleased and proud to present
the first live musical in Second Life,
Odissea The Musical
by Marco and Massimo Grieco

The first night, on May 9th, 2008 at 9.30PM CEST (12.30PM PDT),
will be a charity show to raise funds for AMREF, the African Medical Research Foundation.

Entrance is free.
If you wish to participate, just send an instant message in Second Life to
Roland Igaly or Eulalia Burger.
You will be invited to join the group «Odissea, The Musical».
By accepting you will be granted access to the theatre.

What is Odissea the Musical?

Odissea the Musical is based on the Homer’s masterpiece Odyssey. Whereas the musical transformation of the Odyssey has taken into consideration the plot, anyway, it has also emphasised the language to involve the spectator who will feel drawn into the work itself. Odissea the Musical, in its complete version, is made up of three acts of approximately 45 minutes each, with a duration, excluding intervals, of two hours and 25 minutes: Telemachus and the Prologue, the Adventure, the Return, for a total of 23 pieces of music.

As far as the staging is concerned, apart from traditional elements, modern techniques in 3D using polarised lenses will be employed, making it impossible to distinguish the real-life actors from those which — like Polyphemus or the monster Scylla, for example — have been created by the use of 3D computer graphics. The audio will be relayed through Dolby Surround. About 18 singers, 20 dancers and 8 acrobats will be employed in the production.

The musical will be performed in Italian theatres since July 2008.

What is the Second Life version?

The Second Life version is a live performance of 10 out of the 25 musical scenes of the original musical. It will last more than one hour and the singers will be the same of the "real life" show. This performance has two objectives: to promote the original musical, and to raise funds for AMREF, the African Medical Research Foundation. The Second Life project involved over fifthy people for about six months. Most of building and scripting was expressly developed for the musical. Only few objects and animations have been purchased in world. Most avatars, skins, shapes, clothes, accessories, scenes, gestures, and animations have been specially designed according to researches about the culture and habits of Ancient Greece.

The preparation of the virtual version of the show was a huge effort since Second Life was not designed for this kind of events. The production team had to solve many technical problems and to test several alternatives in order to develop a solution to the desired level of quality. The final result is not as good as the original musical, of course, which takes advantage of the best available technologies on the marketplace, but it is surely outstanding for Second Life. Just an example: the Pæstum theatre is probably the bigger lift ever built in Second Life; raised at the crossing of four islands, it may host over 300 avatars.

The production team and the cast

Music by Marco Grieco [MusicalMarco Greggan], lyrics by Marco Grieco and Massimo Grieco [Ulyx Gregan], produced by Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia [Basil Coage], and directed by Dario de Judicibus [Eadoin Welles]. The production team is made by Claudio Crocetti [KlaudeC Korobase] (Sound Director), Franca Olivieri [Fanny Douglas] (Avatar Designer), Rolando Ferri [Roland Igaly] (Public Relations), Eulalia Ciccolella [Eulalia Burger] (Production Secretary), Bob Lopp [Medhue Simoni] (Animation Designer), Jeremy R. Cooper (Lyric translation). Singers are Tommaso Fichele (Ulysses), Flavio Capasso (Telemachus), Brunella Platania (Penelope), Alfina Scorza (Athena), Maria Massa (Euryclea), Raffaele Di Gregorio (Polyphemus), Concetta De Luisa (Calypso), Roberta Andreozzi (Circe), Vito Pepe (Antinous), Domenico Prezioso (Eurymachus and Medont), and Carmine De Luca (Eurylochus). Cast is made by Lino Di Gianni [Lino Morigi], Valentina Ferrari [Saytona Chemistry], Emanuele Franceschini [Emanuele Dench], Martino Sturaro [Montolio Paine], Eliana De Vita [Eliana Iuga], and Paolo Catoni [Poll Wuyts].

What is AMREF?

AMREF Italia ONLUS(1) is the main private medical no-profit organization in East Africa, employing more than 700 people, 97% from Africa, and managing 140 development projects in 22 countries. AMREF is committed to prophylaxis, health education, and medical professional training. See https://www.amref.it for further info (site is in Italian language). 90% of funds come from private citizens, charity events and shows, as well as collaborations with selected companies. AMREF supporters in Italy are more than 120,000. Most arts, sports, and show personalities, as well as famous people in the cultural life, support AMREF as testimonials and collaborators.

Please, support AMREF by making a donation and by sharing this message among your friends. When you donate, please specify as reason for payment «ODISSEA», so that we can estimate the contributes related to the show. Thank you in advance. To support AMREF you can send your donation by bank transfer to IBAN IT19H0103003202000001007932 (AMREF Italia Onlus account, at Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank, Rome Agency #2), or by credit card (Sì Cards, i.e. Visa and Master Card, American Express, prepaid cards) from AMREF web site or calling them by phone to number +39.06.99704650.


(1) ONLUS stands for Organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale, that is, a no-profit organization with social and humanitarian aims which is acknowledged by the Italian government.

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  1. Well, it was a challenge but we eventually won. Yesterday, the first live musical in Second Life was really a success, even if few hundreds avatars in three sims generated a lot of lag. The musical in SL was announced also by RAI, the national Italian television broadcaster, and CNN.

    Well, it was really an «Odyssey», but we docked at our «Ithaca», at last.

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