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Einstein’s Relativity...

A recent experiment by OPERA (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus) seems to suggest the possibility that neutrinos can travel faster than light. The Italian researchers claimed to have measured the 730-kilometer trip between CERN and its detector to within 20 centimeters and the resulting time to within 10 nanoseconds [...]

Phonetic convertions

⇆ Non so quanti di voi conoscano il metodo della conversione fonetica per ricordare numeri molto lunghi. In pratica si tratta di sostituire a ogni numero un suono consonantico, aggiungere liberamente vocali per formare parole di senso compiuto, legare fra loro queste parole in una frase e scegliere la frase in modo da collegarla log [...]

Dark Universe: just an idea

I was a physicist. I said "was" since I am no more. When I got my degree, in fact, I joined IBM and began a completely different career in the information technology sector. Since being a physicist is a vocation, anyway, not a job, I continued to get in touch with the most recent discoveries of scientific community by reading va [...]

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