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Although each of us is literally surrounded by a variety of technologies, yet very few understand the scientific thought and method. The purpose of this column is to reduce this gap.

2011: a Newspaper Odyssey

Few days ago I was giving a lecture about web 2.0 and the blogsphere at «Il Messaggero», the most popular daily newspaper in Rome, founded in 1878. At the end of the presentation, one of the journalists who participated to the course asked me: «What will happen to newspapers because of blogs and the web?». His fear [...]

Sacconi e il Nuovo Medioevo

All'inizio del 2008 il Direttore dell'Istituto Cellule Staminali del San Raffaele di Milano, Giulio Cossu, fu contattato per far parte della commissione che doveva redigere il testo del bando sul finanziamento alla ricerca sulle cellule staminali. Erano previsti otto milioni di euro. Accettò, a condizione che non ci fossero esclusioni a [...]

We have got the power

If I say «Web 2.0», probably most of you will think to social networks as Facebook, Myspace, or LinkedIn, social bookmarking services as Digg or, wiki as Wikipedia and blogging platforms as Blogger or Splinder, digital asset sharing services as YouTube or Flickr, and so forth. Hundred different sites and services f [...]

Dark Universe: just an idea

I was a physicist. I said "was" since I am no more. When I got my degree, in fact, I joined IBM and began a completely different career in the information technology sector. Since being a physicist is a vocation, anyway, not a job, I continued to get in touch with the most recent discoveries of scientific community by reading va [...]

Dal Web 2.0 all’Enter...

Dal Web 2.0 all'Enterprise 2.0 di Dario de Judicibus «Tutti lo cercano, tutti lo vogliono» Potrebbe iniziare così il tormentone 2009 dell'hit parade delle tecnologie più desiderate del momento nel mondo imprenditoriale. Mi riferisco al web 2.0, questo misterioso oggetto del desiderio di cui tutti parlano ma dal quale poc [...]

De censura

Sto leggendo una nota che Roberto Di Nunzio ha pubblicato su Facebook e che riporta un articolo di Jillian York sull'azione censoria di quella che è una delle più famose piattaforme per reti sociali soprattutto in relazione all'allattamento al seno e alla crisi in Medio Oriente. Ne prendo spunto per parlare di censura. Non intendo esp [...]

Concerto per AVIS su Second...

Martedì 23 dicembre 2008, alle ore 22:30 (01:30PM Second Life Time) AVIS (Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue) Senso Unico Alternato e Fanny's Dream presentano Concerto di Natale su Second Life con BRUNELLA PLATANIA nella splendida cornice di «ROMA CENTRO», in una p.zza di Spagna ricostruita in 3D Brunell [...]

Tube Explorer

"L'Indipendente" Rating  Installation  Interface  Usefulness Videos are probably one of the most interesting resources in the web nowadays. If you are looking for a specific video you may want to go to YouTube or Google Video, but there are a lot of other places where videos are available in Internet. You can u [...]


If you think that web is made of hardware, software, networks, and people, forget it. True, but mostly irrelevant. Thinking the web as a mix of human and artificial components is just like saying that an individual is bones, muscles, blood, and nerves. True, again, but surely not enough to explain the complexity of a human being, especial [...]

[Hints & Tips] Persona...

As usual, here is the solution to a problem I experienced with Office 2007, just in case it could save some time to someone else. Problem Since I installed Office 2007, when I double-clicked on any XLS file to open it, Excel 2007 opened but did not load the file or [...]

Six degrees of separation

"Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is an average of six steps away from each person on Earth." Six degrees of separation, English Wikipedia This concept is one of t [...]

The Digital Dark Age

Preface Yesterday my 13-years old daughter called me for help because her laptop hard disk was rather full. It was a matter of minutes to realize that most of her storage (i.e. 90%) was filled by images, audio and video files. In fact, she has a camera and she likes to take lots of snapshots of her friends. Since her digital camera allows [...]

Petizione per l’infor...

Petizione per l'informatizzazione della scuola italiana di Jole Rotello In questio giorni sto promuovendo una bellissima iniziativa dell'associazione Garamond per la diffusione e l'adozione, nella scuola, di materiale didattico in forma digitale. Questa proposta si inquadra nel contesto normativo recentemente definito (Legge 6.8.2008, n [...]

Upon whom can we rely?

Abstract Nowadays, reliability of contents is extremely important in the web. We can mostly find any kind of information in Internet, but how much reliable is a source? How much accurate are the pieces of information provided? Several feed aggregators and site directories have defined various criteria to rate sites and blogs, but most of the [...]

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