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Politics has been defined by some as the art of the possible. Such a “possible”, however, is now increasingly clashing with a new conception of society, more ethical and sustainable, but that the great powers do not want or know how to implement.

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In a truly civilized country we should never criticize people because they are different, but we should never be afraid to criticize them regardless their diversity too. Dario de Judicibus, Bolzano, July 8th, 2013 Translations In un Paese davvero civile non bisogna mai criticare una persona in quanto diversa da noi, m [...]

Antigone: the primacy of co...

Οὐ γάρ τί μοι Ζεὺς ἦν ὁ κηρύξας τάδε, οὐδ' ἡ ξύνοικος [...]

Government Blackmail

⇆ Si può mettere a repentaglio la continuità di questo governo, impegnato in un programma di attività ben definito, senza offrire pesanti ragioni ai più malevoli e anche interessati critici detrattori del nostro paese, pronti a proclamare l'ingovernabilità e inaffidabilità? I contraccolpi a nostro danno si vedrebbero subito [...]

The Dark Side of Buddhism

We define fundamentalism, in the broad sense, any ideology whose purpose is to create a homogeneous system where there is no plurality of ideas and programs, reconciling and unifying all the existing positions, or rejecting and delegitimizing all positions other than its own, in practice rejecting any compromise so that the latter will pr [...]

The F-35 issue: food for th...

The F-35 Issue: Food for Thoughtby Gherardo Albano These days there's a big discussion on whether Italy should buy 90 Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIs. The aim of this article is to analyze the overall picture within which such an important decision should be taken. In particular, there are two separate fields of analysis, one pure [...]

Italy Global Ranking 2013

There are many organizations in the world whose mission is to observe and evaluate countries, cities, companies, associations, and public and private institutions with respect certain parameters. Not all are equally reliable or completely impartial and not all of the criteria used to carry out such assessments are always acceptable and gene [...]

In which language I am look...

One of the major problems of many big brands of the web is that, even if they have a global approach, they remain fundamentally American, that is, they have a mono-cultural perspective. Someone might argue that if there is a country of a thousand cultures, these are precisely the United States of America, but in fact the inclusion of many d [...]

Walking through the streets...

On Sunday, taking advantage of a glorious day and since I still had to go out to vote, I went with my life's companion for a walk on the seafront in Ostia. On the pier in front of the central Ravennati Square there was a quite old busker, I think of Greek origin. He had a guitar and a speaker, an open case at his feet, in which curiou [...]

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The power has no ideologies, but rather wears them. Dario de Judicibus, Rome, May 16th, 2013 Translations Il potere non ha ideologie, semmai se ne veste. Le pouvoir n'a pas d'idéologie, mais les porte plutôt. Die Macht hat keine Ideologien, sondern trägt sie. El poder no tiene ideologías, sino que las se viste. [...]

Revised and corrected Minis...

⇆ Questo l'elenco dei ministeri e dei ministri del Governo presieduto da Enrico Letta: Sottosegretario alla Presidenza del Consiglio: Filippo Patroni Griffi Interni e Vice Presidente: Angelino Alfano Difesa: Mario Mauro Esteri: Emma Bonino Giustizia: Anna Maria Cancellieri Economia: Fabrizio Saccomanni Riform [...]

The easy way and the hard way

It's been more than fifteen months since I wrote «But is it really necessary to continue to grow?». In that article I asked myself if the model to pursue was really that of a continued economic growth, or rather it would better to build one based on quality of life and satisfying everybody's basic needs. My conclusion was that the cur [...]

Gender or general violence?

⇆ Spesso si usa il femminicidio come esempio di una violenza quasi fisiologica che pervade gli esseri umani di sesso maschile. Ma quanto è dovuto veramente al genere e quanto alle circostanze che si vengono a creare nei rapporti affettivi, soprattutto fra persone che convivono da tempo e che hanno investito molto sul piano per [...]

The Drawn Democracy

Did you know that one of the main mechanisms that characterized for centuries democracy in Athens was based on drawing? For example, the 6,000 members of the Ήλιαία, that is the people's court, were drawn, as were the 500 members of the βουλή, that is, the re [...]


⇆ Quanto è successo con il Monte dei Paschi di Siena non deve affatto sorprendere e in effetti non ha sorpreso nessuno degli addetti ai lavori. Non si tratta di un caso isolato ma di un problema di politica bancaria che ha acceso un segnale d'allarme sul sistema creditizio italiano. Il problema tuttavia delle relazioni che ogg [...]

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