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Sustainable Web

The first time I connected my computer to a network, it was on May 1984. The computer was an Amiga 1000, the network was a BBS by MC-Link, and the device I used to connect was a 300bps modem. Downloading a 10K image required a lot of time and since that connection occurred on a traditional telephonic line, it was very expensive too. There [...]

Thought (18)

Enough of talking about politicians: let us talk about politics instead. Dario de Judicibus, Rome, September 6th, 2008 Translations Basta parlare di politici: parliamo di politica, piuttosto. Assez de parler de politiciens: laissez-nous parler de politique à la place.

Quel cinema così serio

Cannes 2008. Due i film italiani in concorso: «Gomorra» di Matteo Garrone e «Il divo» di Paolo Sorrentino. Il primo è la trasposizione del romanzo di Roberto Saviano sulla camorra, il secondo racconta un pezzo di vita di Giulio Andreotti. Venezia 2008. Quattro i film italiani in concorso: «Il papà di Giovan [...]

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